Company Profile

Safety and Health, Quality, and Environmental Policies

Common Basic Policies

Toyo Construction Co., Ltd. aims to contribute to creation of social infrastructure with higher quality and value through its commitment to construction technologies suited to the requirements of society. In order to achieve this aim, the Company will engage in business activities, observing all relevant laws, ordinances, and social norms, pursuing quality with high reliability, protecting the environment and creating a better global environment, and placing first priority on safety.

To ensure firm implementation, Toyo Construction operates its labor safety and health, quality, and environmental management systems in an integrated manner in all the processes of its business activities, and promotes business efficiently and effectively while implementing continuous improvement.

Safety and Health Policy

Toyo Construction promotes the individual duties of all those concerned and their implementation in matters related to health and safety, and endeavors to realize a pleasant, danger-free workplace and prevent industrial accidents through voluntary participation in safety and health management activities conducted by the Company.

Quality Policy

Toyo Construction provides high quality construction and products by responding appropriately to the customer’s requirements in all stages from sales activities to after-service.

Environmental Policy

Based on consideration of preservation and improvement of the global environment, Toyo Construction promotes policies and technology development that contribute to environmental protection and the creation of a better environment.

These policies are communicated to all Directors and employees of Toyo Construction who are involved in business activities of this Company.

April 1, 2014

Toyo Construction Co., Ltd.

Kyoji Takezawa, President, Executive President, and Representative Director