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Self-Compacting Concrete Using Sea Water and Sea Sand: SALSEC

In construction projects on isolated islands and in coastal areas with poor access, both in Japan and in other countries, it is difficult to secure the necessary supply of materials and manpower. Therefore, a concrete that enables concrete manufacture and construction with good efficiency using materials that are readily available in the local area is demanded. In joint research with a group of six government agencies, university, and companies, Toyo Construction developed “SALSEC,” which is a concrete with low viscosity in comparison with conventional high workable (high fluidity) concrete, and also has an excellent self-filling property, even when used with sea water and unwashed sea sand that contains salt. SALSEC is contributing to high efficiency in concrete manufacture and construction under special environments.

Self-Compacting Concrete Using Sea Water and Sea Sand: SALSEC

Image of manufacture and construction (left)  Excellent self-filling property (right)

Property-retaining property

Strength development property


  • An excellent self-filling property is obtained by adding a special admixture, even when using seawater and/or unwashed sea sand.
  • Because the viscosity of SALSEC is low in comparison with conventional high workable concrete, pumpability is improved and high efficiency is achieved in screeding (leveling) work.
  • Properties can be kept for a long period of time, even under high temperature environments.
  • The unit amount of cement can be reduced in comparison with conventional powder-type high workable concrete, resulting in lower thermal stress.