Company Profile

Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality Management System Policies

Fundamental policy

Toyo Construction develops and operates management systems that are designed to ensure steadfast adherence to the company’s Management Philosophy. The systems are founded on placing the highest priority on human safety and health, striving to better protect and improve the global environment, and promoting business activities that continually provide highly reliable quality.

Management Philosophy

With dreams and youth, all members of Toyo Construction in concert work to serve our customers and the social good with a wealth of new technologies for the stable growth of society and the betterment of employee welfare.

Health & safety policy

Bearing in mind social needs and expectations, we will create safe and healthy labor environments by operating our Occupational Health & Safety Management System with the participation of all workers and others concerned and preventing workplace accidents and health problems.

Environmental Policy

Aiming to reduce our business activities impact on the environment and contribute to the global environment’s protection and improvement, we will continue to operate and improve our Environmental Management System as we also promote activities and technical development that contribute to the creation and protection of better environments.

Quality Policy

We will strive to improve customer satisfaction by operating and continually improving our Quality Management System so that we may consistently supply products and services with the quality that our customers and society require.

The policies outlined above will be conveyed to top management and all employees who are involved in Toyo Construction’s business activities.

April 1, 2020

Kyoji Takezawa


Toyo Construction Co., Ltd.