Technologies and Solutions

Wave Basin with Multidirectional Random Wave Generator

The wave basin is equipped with a re-reflected wave absorption suppression-type multidirectional random wave generator which can generate all types of waves from natural waves (multidirectional random waves), in which numerous waves with different periods, wave heights, and wave directions are superimposed, to irregular waves that advance in a single direction, making it possible to conduct precise experiments with high efficiency. The wave-generating capacity performance of this system was upgraded recently, and it is now possible to reproduce solitary waves and long period waves with periods longer than those of violent waves in typhoons, etc. Flows can also be generated in combination with the wave generator, enabling simulations of the large, powerful flows that occur during tsunamis. This device is demonstrating great effectiveness in planning the arrangement of port, coastal, and offshore structures and in study of the pitching and rolling characteristics of floating structures and work ships, changes in beach profile, etc.

Wave Basin with Multidirectional Random Wave Generator

Wave basin with multidirectional irregular wave generator

Model experiment simulating reclaimed land

Basic specifications


  • Reproduces natural hydraulic phenomena by utilizing a state-of-the-art system.
  • Possible to reproduce multidirectional, random waves like those at sea by 30 independent wave-generating devices.
  • Used in the study of construction with long-period swell wave fields.
  • The long stroke wave generator is also effective in study of tsunami countermeasure works.
  • Use in combination with the large capacity flow generator supports tsunami overflow experiments.