Technologies and Solutions

High Performance Concretes

Application of new building materials is demanded in the civil/building structures that form the foundation for social capital. Toyo Construction is contributing to labor-saving in construction and improved durability in structures by developing high performance concretes that are suitable for use under a diverse range of construction conditions. These new materials include anti-washout underwater concrete (Hi-Mic), high-fluidity concrete (including joint study by 13 entities of industry, government, and academia), and medium-fluidity concrete (including joint study by 8 entities of industry, government, and academia).

High Performance Concretes

Relationship of strength and workability in various types of high performance concrete

Placing high fluidity concrete in a dense arrangement of reinforcing bars in a caisson bottom plate.

Filling medium fluidity concrete in a submerged tunnel.


  • Anti-washout underwater concrete: Has high fluidity combined with high material separation resistance in water, achieved by addition of an admixture for anti-washout underwater concrete.
  • High fluidity concrete: Has a track record of the powder type, combined use type, and viscosity improver (thickener) type. Applied to submerged tunnel sandwich structures and 600m long distance pumping construction.
  • Medium fluidity concrete: Concrete that can demonstrate high filling performance with supplementary vibration. Applied to submerged tunnel sandwich structures.