Technologies and Solutions

Toyo Drum Centrifuge for Tsunami, Soil, and Structure (T-DUCTUSS)

In recent years, the geohazards associated with tsunamis have become apparent, and elucidation of the safety and soundness of structures under scouring and liquefaction of the ground has become an extremely important issue.

Toyo Construction developed a technology for high accuracy prediction of tsunami-soil-structure interaction by using the Toyo Drum Centrifuge. This quantitatively reproduces the phenomena in structures and the surrounding ground under the action of a tsunami. By combining this technology with the Beam Centrifuge, it is also possible to conduct centrifuge model tests assuming a complex disaster involving an earthquake followed by a tsunami.

Toyo Drum Centrifuge for Tsunami, Soil, and Structure (T-DUCTUSS)
Toyo Drum Centrifuge for Tsunami, Soil, and Structure (T-DUCTUSS)

Example of Earthquake-Tsunami Test System


  • Tests in a centrifugal field reproduce the actual scale even at a small scale, greatly reducing the time and cost of tests.
  • Tests in the drum channel make it possible to model large and long structures, tsunamis, waves, etc.
  • Use in combination with shaking table tests in the beam centrifuge can reproduce earthquake hazards before occurrence of a tsunami.
  • Soil, water and structure behaviors can be understood by utilizing diverse measuring techniques.