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Concrete Filling Detection System: Jutenda

In cases where it is difficult to confirm the condition of concrete filling visually, a construction management and inspection system that can detect filling is necessary. Jutenda is a system that makes it possible to check the condition of filling in real time by means of a compact sensor (vibration device), which is installed in advance in the reinforcing steel or concrete form. This sensor utilizes the fact that the vibration frequency characteristics of the vibrating device change due to differences in the substance in contact with it.

Concrete Filling Detection System: Jutenda

Filling detection system Jutenda

Application to caisson hatch

Application in tunnel construction


  • Can mechanically distinguish the filling condition of concrete, etc. in real time.
  • Possible to distinguish air, water, and concrete and display judgment as a difference in color.
  • Measurements are simple, and no calibration is required.
  • The sensor part is extremely compact (17 x 17 x 15mm) and thus does not hinder concrete placing.
  • In addition to ordinary concrete, Jutenda is also applicable to mortar and fluidized soil.