Technologies and Solutions

Toyo Tsunami Risk Management System: TECS-TRM

For protecting or mitigating tsunami disasters, Toyo Construction has realized tsunami risk management that consider the SOWAS (Soil-Water-Structure). Concept utilizing not only the highest level of model experiment technology, including the 3-dimensional tsunami flow generator (T-TUFGEN3D), the drum centrifuge model tsunami flume (T-DUCTUSS), etc., but also highly precise simulations such as coupled analysis of the Toyo tsunami occurrence, propagation and run-up simulation program (T-TOPPRS) and tsunami wave force calculations and structural and ground response analysis to provide an unequalled, high performance technology. Toyo is also grappling with the development of a new numerical analysis method which will realize the SOWAS Concept.

Toyo Tsunami Risk Management System: TECS-TRM

Soil-Water-Structure (SOWAS) Concept

Toyo Construction utilizes the SOWAS Concept, which organically combines model experiment technology and numerical analysis techniques, as a comprehensive approach that covers all the processes from estimation of tsunami damage to proposal of disaster prevention and disaster mitigation structures. This is particularly useful in management of tsunami risk. The SOWAS Concept, which enables a total mechanical evaluation of waves, structures, and the ground, is important for judging the stability of breakwaters, seawalls, and other structures that protect the safety of our lives.


  • T-TOPPRS (tsunami occurrence, propagation, and run-up calculation program) simulates the phenomena of transmission of a tsunami from the wave source through the ocean to arrival at the coastline and run-up of the tsunami on land.
  • T-TUFGEN3D (3D tsunami flow generator) reproduces the powerful flows accompanying a tsunami in a plane water basin.
  • T-TARB3D (tsunami wave-generating water basin) reproduces long-period regular waves and solitary waves in a plane water basin.
  • T-TARF2D (tsunami wave-generating water flume) reproduces tsunamis at large scale reductions by using an ultra-long stroke wave-generating device.
  • T-DUCTUSS (drum centrifuge model tsunami flume) reproduces the actual-scale behavior of tsunamis at a small scale model in centrifugal force field tsunami experiments.