Technologies and Solutions

Material Experiment Equipment and Testing Equipment

The Materials Testing Building is equipped with a variable constant temperature and constant humidity room, large-scale water curing tanks, universal testing machines, various types of nondestructive testing equipment, accelerated neutralization testing equipment, accelerated chloride ion penetration testing equipment, various chemical analysis equipment, and other experimental devices in order to carry out research and development of new concrete technologies, recycling technologies, maintenance, and renewal technologies of structures, etc.

Material Experiment Equipment and Testing Equipment

Universal testing machines and Compressive strength testing machine

Accelerated neutralization testing tank and Automatic setting time testing machine

Main equipment


  • The Strength Testing Room can evaluate the mechanical properties of concrete, reinforcing steel, etc. and the performance of small-scale members.
  • The Concrete Mixing Test Room can perform mixing of high strength concrete, etc. using various materials.
  • The Constant Temperature and Constant Humidity Room and Environmental Testing Room can evaluate changes in the length of concrete and properties under various environments.
  • The Durability Testing Room can evaluate durability by conducting accelerated tests of neutralization and chloride ion penetration.