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Plane Basin with Tsunami Flow Generator: T-TUFGEN3D

The Toyo Tsunami Flow Generator: T-TUFGEN3D was introduced to generate tsunamis with long durations in laboratory. The basin is equipped with 4 pumps, each with a pumping capacity of 10t/min, making it possible to perform experiments by generating the powerful flow fields that accompany tsunamis, and to evaluate the stability and functions of tsunami countermeasure structures in a three-dimensional field. It is actively used in various fields, for example to investigate the effects of the powerful currents generated at openings in breakwaters and the water surface gradient due to the arrangement of structures on the stability and safety of structures and safety during construction.

Plane Basin with Tsunami Flow Generator: T-TUFGEN3D

Plane basin with tsunami flow generator: T-TUFGEN3D

CG image

Reproduction of tsunami attacking a port


  • Four pumps, each with a pumping capacity of 11t/min, generate a powerful flow field in the plane basin.
  • Coexistent fields of waves and a tsunami can also be reproduced by use of the flow generator in combination with a wave generator.
  • In an experiment simulating the opening in a breakwater (water depth: 30 cm), an extremely high flow velocity of 1.6m/sec was recorded in a hydraulic model experiment.
  • This facility is also contributing to regional disaster prevention, such as programs to educate members of local communities by demonstrations.