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Deep Seawater Water Pumping Projects

Deep seawater (DSW; also called deep ocean water, DOW) is a general term for ocean water at depths of 200m or more, which sunlight does not reach. DSW was generated in the northern part of the North Atlantic Ocean, gradually flowed south, passed through the Indian Ocean and Antarctic Ocean, then reached the Pacific Ocean in historical times. It can be called a global-scale natural resource. DSW has a number of special properties in terms of eutrophy, cleanliness, low temperature stability, and mineral properties, among others, and is the object of high expectations as a natural resource with potential uses in a wide range of fields, including energy, fisheries, agriculture, and foods.

Toyo Construction provides comprehensive support, from proposal of DSW pumping projects and application/use projects to supply of low cost DSW pumping equipment.

Deep Seawater Water Pumping Projects

Proposals for DSW pumping and use technologies

Features of intake pipe

DSW pumping facility design and construction technologies


  • The material used in the DSW pumping intake pipe is hard polyethylene pipe (PE100), which has excellent humans and environmental safety, is low in cost, and has high durability and corrosion resistance.
  • The floating tugboat method is used is the pipe-laying technology for the intake pipe, taking advantage of the low specific gravity of the hard polyethylene pipe, in order to realize safe, economical supply of DSW pumping facilities.
  • Pipe-laying can be performed by using a general-purpose barge. A large dedicated pipe-laying ship is not necessary.