Technologies and Solutions

In-Pipeline Mixing Solidification Method for Soft Dredged Mud: LMP (LAMP) Construction Method

In the LMP (Line Mix Pneumatic) Construction Method, addition/mixing of a soil improver (cement) to the mud during pneumatic transportation makes it possible to give soft dredged mud the strength necessary for use in reclaimed land and begin use simultaneously with the completion of the dredging process. Improvement to a degree that secures good workability from strong, hard ground is also possible by strength adjustment by selecting the proper type of improver and addition amount corresponding to the purpose of use. As a result, ground improvement after reclamation is greatly reduced.

The conventional pre-mixing treatment method required various equipment such as a dedicated mixing plant ship. However, with the LMP method, mixing and solidification for soil improvement are performed in the pipeline during pneumatic conveying, enabling reclamation and land preparation with simple equipment.

In-Pipeline Mixing Solidification Method for Soft Dredged Mud: LMP (LAMP) Construction Method

Mixing Effect of Line Mixer

In cases where a soil improving material (cement) is added to dredged mud during transfer, a certain long distance is necessary in order to obtain an adequate mixing effect in the pipeline. However, with a long in-pipeline mixing section, time and labor are required for pipe cleaning and changes in the construction procedure, and a decrease in transportation capacity is unavoidable.

In Toyo’s “LMP Construction Method,” a newly-developed line mixer is installed in the mud conveying line after the cement addition point, and a high mixing effect is obtained by forcibly breaking up plugs in the mixer. As a result, the length of the in-pipeline mixing section can be greatly reduced.


  • Economical mixing is possible because the “LMP” mixing method utilizes the energy of the fluid moving in the pipeline.
  • The “LMP” line mixer dramatically increases mixing efficiency.
  • Sure soil improvement is possible by selecting the proper type of soil improvement material and adjusting the addition amount corresponding to the strength required in the reclaimed ground.
  • This method can be implemented with simple equipment consisting of only a cement slurry plant, addition equipment, and the line mixer unit.