Technologies and Solutions

Large-Scale Unloader Barge Construction Method

In the 21st century, land reclamation by using unloader barges has been applied in many projects, including airport construction and others, as an environment-friendly construction method.

Toyo Construction built a state-of-the-art barge, the No. 2 Toyo-go, with improved functions and efficiency, based on the actual results of its backhoe-type unloader barge, the Toyo-go, which is actively used in various types of reclamation projects. This new barge will display great power in offshore projects of the 21st century.

Large-Scale Unloader Barge Construction Method


  • Unloading capacity of 2,500m3/h makes it possible to unload a large volume of earth and sand in a short time.
  • The unloading conveyor has 65m outreach (tip extendable 20m), the largest in Japan. The unloading height is 20m and 180° rotation is possible, enabling wide range unloading and reclamation. Thanks these features, diverse embankment shapes are possible.
  • Because the unloader (backhoe) is self-propelled on a deck frame with a 70m length, it is not necessary to move the barge.
  • An oil hydraulic drive spud device enables anchorless ship positioning, and the occupied area is also held to the minimum.
  • A centralized operation system is adopted for labor-saving in work and improved safety.