Technologies and Solutions

Floating Pier Reclamation Construction Method

This is called Floating Pier Reclamation Construction Method in which a number of floating pontoon barges are joined to form a pier over which dump trucks can travel, and reclamation is performed by dumping soil directly at the reclamation site. Because volumetric changes in the soil are small in comparison with pump dredging and similar reclamation methods, a large amount of soil can be received at the site. As the soil charging location can also be changed freely by moving the barges, construction of a reclaimed site with a uniform soil layer is possible.

This method was adopted for ground preparation work at Hokuriku Electric’s Nanao Thermal Power Plant, the Osaka Bay Phoenix Project, where surplus soil waste from construction and other materials were received, and in other projects.

Floating Pier Reclamation Construction Method


  • Can respond continuously to various reclamation materials, and direct charging from the reclamation material source is possible.
  • Volumetric changes in the soil after reclamation are slight.
  • Marine pollution and other environmental impacts are slight.
  • Thin layer and multi-layer reclamation without disturbing the local ground are possible.
  • Because the structure is simple, interruptions of construction work due to equipment trouble are not a concern.