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Portable Dredging Method: Castle Method

The Caste Method is a dredging method for removal of bottom mud from small closed bodies of water such as inland lakes and marshes, castle moats, ponds in parks. The dredger consists of a portable float barge and a general-purpose backhoe. It is possible to respond to all types of dredging conditions by attaching various mud collection devices to the tip of the backhoe as attachments.

Portable Dredging Method: Castle Method

Dredging bottom mud from a castle moat / Dredging bottom mud from a river

Rotary shaver-type mud collector

Example of Oozer Pump type


  • Because all the equipment of the Castle Method dredging system can be transported on land, it is possible to perform dredging in closed bodies of waters such as castle moats.
  • As this is a dredging system in which a backhoe is loaded on a barge, dredging is also possible in narrow dredging sites with complicated shapes.
  • Efficient dredging is possible be selecting the mud collection attachment to be used on the backhoe tip corresponding to the properties of the object soil and the dredging conditions.
  • A full lineup of mud collection devices is available, from the general-purpose bucket type to Toyo Construction’s proprietary W Intake type, Rotary Shaver type, and Oozer Pump type, among others.