Technologies and Solutions

Soil Improvement System: DAYCON System

Large amounts of soft mud and high-fluidity dredged soil are generated by underground excavation and bottom mud dredging, and treatment of these materials is a serious problem. Toyo’s DAYCON soil improvement system makes it possible to solidify and improve soils with high water contents in a short time by applying a continuous solidification system, enabling easy transportation and reuse in embankments and other applications.

The main treatment methods are plasticizing treatment, solidification treatment, and lightweight treatment. The treatment method is decided by selecting the appropriate improving agent for the purpose of treatment. As purposes of treatment, plasticizing is performed to improve transportability. Solidification is effective for improving the strength of the treated soil with the aim of recycling in embankments and other uses. In lightweight treatment, the unit volume weight of the treated soil is reduced in order to decrease ground subsidence due to embankment construction and reduce backfill earth pressure.

Soil Improvement System: DAYCON System


  • Enables stable continuous treatment of large volumes of sludge or soil in a short time.
  • Can respond to a wide range of soils, from high-fluidity dredged sludge to surplus soil on land.
  • Because the treatment equipment is compact, work can be performed in a small space.
  • The optimum soil improvement agent can be selected, and the addition rate can also be selected as required by the sludge properties and the purpose of treatment.
  • Because mixing efficiency is extremely high, consumption of soil improvement agent is held to the absolute minimum, enabling economical construction.