Technologies and Solutions

Structural Experiment Equipment and Testing Equipment

Toyo Construction already possesses seismic isolation construction methods and seismic isolation retrofit and seismic reinforcement construction methods, and now is developing hybrid methods and damping methods with the aim of rationalizing construction. Since verification tests are indispensable in the development of these technologies, it is possible to utilize the loading test capabilities of the Structural Testing Building by using the Lab’s abutment test wall, test bed, loading frame, and actuators.

Structural Experiment Equipment and Testing Equipment

Abutment test wall and loading frame

Loading of a column-beam joint test specimen

Main Test Facilities/Equipment


  • The Abutment test wall comprises a main wall and sub-wall, enabling horizontal loading from two perpendicular directions.
  • The Test bed has a thickness of 1.6m, and fixing of the loading frame, etc. is possible.
  • Actuators support both compressive and tensile testing. Max. load: 1,000 kN x 3 units, 500 kN x 1 unit.
  • The Loading frame has a maximum loading capacity of 5,000 kN and can be used with various types of test specimens.