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Concrete Fill Compaction Detection System: Jutender II

Jutender II is a system to determine the state of concrete fill and compaction that is difficult to verify visually. It identifies different contacted substances by detecting differences in vibration frequency using small censors (vibration device) installed on reinforcement bars and inside concrete forms in advance. Visualization of the state of concrete casting leads to quality assurance of the concrete structure.

The system was developed through joint efforts by two companies including Akebono Brake Industry and Toyo Construction, and it has been registered in New Technology Information System (NETIS)(KT-090011-VE) organized by Ministry of Infrastructure, Land, Transportation and Tourism and also obtained a patent (issue number 3897705).


  • It instantaneously visualizes the state of concrete fill and compaction in real time.
  • It identifies different substances, namely air, water and concrete; determines concrete compaction; and indicates completion of filling and compaction using the color display on the system device.
  • It can be also applied to mortar and fluidized treatment soil, in addition to concrete.

Construction examples

●Shimotsuma Branch, Mito District Legal Affairs Bureau

●Nasu Heisei-no-mori Forest

●Yokohama Joint Government Building Seismic Retrofitting