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Broad-range Monitoring System of Construction Noise: TOSMO

Broad-range monitoring system of construction noise, TOSMO(Toyo Construction Sound Monitoring System), is a system that displays and monitors levels of construction noises in real time over a wide range in the area around the construction site. By visualizing the levels of construction noises, an optimum construction can be carried out while maintaining a comfortable sound environment in the surrounding area. This monitoring system is especially efficient for construction accompanying noise likely to spread across a broad range.

This system was originally developed by Toyo Construction and it has been registered in the New Technology Information System (NETIS) (CBK-140004-A) organized by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Land, Transportation and Tourism.


  • Only construction noises subject to monitoring can be narrowed down to conduct monitoring in real-time.
  • Since highly accurate calculation of actual reaching noises can be conducted considering noise reducing effects of buildings and sound insulating walls between the monitoring point and the point of origin, it is capable of accurately monitoring and evaluating construction noises only.
  • Sound and light displays are used to communicate with the heavy machinery operator so that construction noises do not exceed target values.
  • “Sound map” shown on a monitoring PC at the construction site office displays levels of construction noises in real time and instantaneously monitors noises in a wide range.
  • It is also possible to verify noises generated in the past by tracking the time fluctuation chart of noise levels.