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Cast-in-place Stainless Steel Floor Construction Method

The conventional method of stainless steel floor finish is carried out as follows: (1) floor joists on concrete slab are assembled on concrete (2) leveling concrete is cast (3) stainless steel plates are laid on concrete using the on-site welding method. It involved many construction processes.
The cast-in-place stainless steel floor construction method involves the following procedures: L-shaped anchors are welded onto stainless steel floor plates; and the stainless steel floor plates are laid out during concrete casting while adjusting levels using leveling bolts to build a highly accurate stainless steel-finished floor.

This construction method was developed by Toyo Construction and obtained a patent (Patent Number 6241963 November 17 2017).


  • Stainless steel floor plates are integrated with floor concrete by L-shaped anchors welded to the back of the stainless steel floor plates.
  • Floor finishing procedure can be shortened by omitting on-site welding work.

Construction example

  • ●Musashino Foods Cams Kobe Factory