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CFD / Simulation CFD: Computational Fluid Dynamics

~ Interaction with light and wind ~

By incorporating CFD/Simulation in the design and construction process, spatial images can be shared during project development from schematic planning through completion. Because parts that were difficult to grasp in the two-dimension can be accurately grasped, shortening of construction procedures due to consensus building at an early stage as well as enhancement of customer satisfaction are expected.
In addition, studies on high quality spatial effects and cost-balance can be conducted easily, which leads to realization of highly satisfactory building and spaces by accomplishing the best and most appropriate design, through the analysis of illuminance, temperature, and air flow distribution.

Demonstration of “brightness” and lighting analysis

By conducting lighting analysis based on light distribution data (IES) for lighting design, studies on lighting fixture selection and its positioning can be conducted while confirming the “brightness” simultaneously.
In addition, by conducting thorough studies on daylight based on sunlight condition around the building site, energy-saving and comfortable interior environment is realized.

Analysis of indirect lighting focusing on “brightness”

Three-dimensional thermal fluid analysis

By conducting numerical simulation using numerical geographical data and BIM models, complicated three-dimensional wind flow can be accurately grasped.
In addition, by conducting numerical simulation of air flow inside the building and repeating the studies on appropriate design planning with consideration for environmental loads, energy-saving and comfortable interior environment is realized.

Wind environment analysis

Thermal fluid analysis

Air conditioning analysis

Particle diffusion analysis

CG representation and verification examples of actual spaces after completion

Solar radiation analysis

Verification of effects of with and without a louvered canopy conditions