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VR・Cloud VR:Virtual Reality

~ Instantaneous information sharing and spatial experience ~

By using advanced tools such as the BIM process, VR, panorama, cloud and more, one can share information instantaneously, and experience and grasp details of design through VR before the construction starts. By entering the virtual space and verify details in 1:1 scale, one can effectively discover, remedy, and solve overlooked inconsistent parts and the lack of adjustments at connection between different construction work types.
By actively adopting innovative digital technology in the design and construction process, we strive to enhance and optimize customer satisfaction and quality of design and construction.

Information sharing using the cloud

Information sharing using the cloud rendering leads to prompt decision making because those who are involved in the project can confirm information including changes in the drawings and the latest models in real time.

By executing panorama rendering, 360-degree CG images of the space in the design stage can be generated easily.
The rendered CG images can be checked using a tablet PC or a smart device.
360-degree images make it easier to grasp and share parts of the building that are difficult to verify by 2D drawings.

Panorama view using the cloud

VR experience

Details of design can be verified by experiencing BIM models at design development and construction stages in VR. Details of design and visibility of signage inside and outside of the building can be verified while walking through the space inside the warehouse at the design stage.

VR walk-through

Use of visual programming

When dealing with a complicated form, optimum forms can be studied by checking real-time screen display while changing the parameters.

Algorithm is formulated through programming