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LC support system

The total cost needed for the entire life (construction – operation – demolition) of a building is called LCC (life cycle cost). The operation cost is estimated to be 4 to 5 times more than the construction cost depending on the use and lifespan of a building. It is important to maintain a building effectively while keeping the LCC low.
LC support system formulates an optimum timing plan for maintenance and renewal (long-term repair plan system) of a building; calculates the lifespan cost based on the plan (LCC calculation system); and proposes optimum plans at the schematic stage, design and construction stage, and renewal stage.
LC support system has been developed through joint efforts by 12 general contractors including Aoki Construction, Ohki Corporation, Konoike Construction, Seibu Construction, Zenitaka Corporation, Daisue Construction, Tekken Corporation, Tobishima Corporation, Rinkai Nissan Construction, P.S. Mitsubishi Construction, and Toyo Construction.

LCC calculation system The system supports LC (life cycle) design based on long-term viewpoints and is capable of calculating preliminary design cost, design cost, maintenance and renewal cost, operation cost, and maintenance cost based on basic data of the building. It is capable of comparing three projects at a time and outputting comparison graphs of interrelation between them regarding the total cost of LCC, the breakdown of LCC, cost of each item of each year, cumulative total cost of each item of each year.

Long-term repair planning system The system is to make a long-term repair plan necessary for the maintenance of the building. With the system, you can create the summary charts and figures of repair and update cost on 7 items; building exteriors, building interiors, outdoor facilities, electric facilities, air-conditioning facilities, sanitary facilities, and transportation facilities.


  • It supports decision-making regarding whether the building should be “renewed and continued to be used” or “rebuilt”.
  • It is capable of dealing with six applications of buildings including office building, collective housing, hotel, major retail stores, and warehouse.