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ZTM Steel Column and Pile Head Joint Method

In the ZTM Steel Column and Pile Head Joint Method, it is possible to partly omit the footing of the low-rise steel building and the underground beam by rooting the steel column or the CFT column on the head of the reinforced pile.

The ZTM Steel Column and Pile Head Joint Method is a method developed through joint research of three companies, Zenitaka Corporation(Z), Toyo Construction (T), and Maeda Corporation (M), and it obtained Building technology performance certification of General Building Research Corporation of Japan (No. 07 – 22 (January 8, 2008)).


  • The stress is transmitted by three-stage pressure support plates welded to steel pipe columns.
  • The method can be applied to PHC piles, SC piles, and steel pipe piles of diameter 1.0 m or less.
  • It joins steel pipe (CFT) columns and ready-made piles in a reinforced concrete structure (pillar-pile switching part) with a smaller cross section than normal footing.
  • It is a suitable construction method for low-rise steel construction buildings covering a large area, such as shopping centers, warehouses, and factories. It is expected to reduce construction time and cost by about 10%, omitting footing and underground beams.