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SHS Permanent Ground Anchor Construction Method

The SHS Permanent Ground Anchor Construction Method does not rely on the weight of the structure. It can safely support the building by the tensile force of the anchor which is excellent in bearing capacity and durability.

This construction method is based on the joint development of 21 companies :
Asanuma Corporation, Araigumi, Penta-Ocean Construction, Toa, Toyo Construction, Rinkai Nissan Construction, Nittoc, JDC, Haseko Real Estate Development Holdings Inc., Matsumuragumi, Muramoto, Construction Foundation Engineering, Suzuki Kinzoku, Shinko Wire, Koken Boring Machine, Sanshin, Toko, and Raito Kogyo. The method obtained Building technology performance certification of General Building Research Corporation of Japan.


  • By supporting the building with the tension of the anchor instead of the counterweight mass concrete, we can reduce the root depth and the volume of the foundation to reduce the period and construction cost of foundation construction.
  • You can prevent a tower-like building from falling over by an earthquake or storm.
  • It can suppress the unbalanced soil pressure on slopes and prevent landslides.

Construction examples

●Lions Plaza Mansion Yokkaichi