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Seismic Reinforcement Without Leaving: “MaSTER FRAME”

“I want to make my house being seismic retrofitted, but don’t want to move during the work”
“I do not want to have a brace attached in front of only my house”
It is the MaSTER (Master) FRAME (frame) construction method that solves such problems.

The MaSTER FRAME construction method was developed by joint research of three companies with Maeda Corporation (Ma), Sanko Techno (S), and Toyo Construction (T), and acquired Building technology performance certification of General Building Research Corporation of Japan (09-35 amendment (February 1, 2012)) .


  • Because there is no brace that intervenes the eyesight, it brings excellent viewing and daylighting, while maintaining safety and security.
  • It requires no work in the interior side, so earthquake resistant reinforcement can be conducted while people living inside.
  • The adoption of a special anchor dramatically reduces noise, vibration and dust. In addition, it is possible to reduce the physical and mental burden of the residents, because concrete roughening works, which would cause large noise, are unnecessary.
  • The precast construction method can further shorten the construction period.
  • Reinforcement can be conducted from the outside of the balcony or the outer corridor.

Construction examples

  • ●(2010)Seismic renovation for the No. 1 building of Takashi residence for Toyohashi University of Technology (Aichi pref.)
  • ●(2012)Seismic reinforcement for headquarter building of Kondogumi Co.,Ltd.(Aichi pref.)
  • ●(2011)Seismic reinforcement for residence of Ichida House, Asahi Techno Co., Ltd. ( Aichi pref.)
  • ●(2014)Seismic reinforcement for Condo Seta(Tokyo Metropolitan)
  • ●(2011)Second term construction of Toyohashi University of Technology ( Aichi pref.)
  • ●(2018)Seismic renovation for Apartment house for government workers(Rinya higasi-ei17)(Tokyo Metropolitan)
  • ●(2012)Seismic reinforcement of Kashihara junior high school in Kasugai-city(Aichi pref)