Company Profile


Fulfilling our responsibilities to people and the planet

The history of Toyo Construction is deeply entwined with the ocean. Our Management Philosophy is based on an unwavering commitment to Respect for people, Originality and innovation, and Awareness of responsibility. While extending our areas of business from the sea to land and then to space for living and working, we have also grappled with the creation of high quality social capital that supports the lives of all people.

Our Corporate Message, “Heartfelt technology for people and the planet,” expresses the spirit and resolve that “Technology should be used for people, for all those who live on this planet, and we who use that technology will continue our business activities based on that understanding.”
The technical capabilities which we have developed over our long history must be environment-friendly, and must ensure even higher levels of safety. We have devoted ourselves to achieving these goals every day, and even now, there will be no stop to that progress.
As a construction company, our work is always done at the point where the human world and natural world meet. For this reason, consideration of the safety and environmental aspects of our work is indispensable, and we continue to be filled with humility. Although the fury of nature may sometimes cause bitter experiences, we play our part in creating safer, more reliable social infrastructure, every mindful of the wisdom that we possess.
We will continue to advance, with the aim of being a company that fulfills its responsibilities to people and the planet.

Kyoji Takezawa, President, Executive President, and Representative Director