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Health and Safety, Quality, and Environmental Policies

Fundamental policy

Toyo Construction’s mission is to develop construction technologies that fully meet social demands and contribute to the building of better and more valuable social infrastructure. To fulfill this mission, we will comply with relevant laws, regulations and social norms, pursue highly reliable quality, create and protect a better global environment, and engage in business activities from a global perspective while placing the highest priority on safety. To ensure that our focus on these aims is unshaken, we will apply our Occupational Health & Safety, Quality, and Environmental Management Systems uniformly throughout all our business activities, and efficiently and effectively move our business operations forward while continually striving to make improvements.

Health & safety policy

We will operate our Occupational Health & Safety Management System with the participation of all our employees, aim to prevent occupational accidents via thorough implementation of our Toyo Safe Construction Cycle, and build a safe and comfortable work environment.

Quality Policy

We will work proactively to enhance our Quality Management System, develop technologies, and train human resources, while securing the satisfaction and trust of our customers by providing high-quality and safe construction products and services.

Environmental Policy

We will contribute to the protection of the environment and prevention of pollution by promoting activities that reduce the environmental load in all our business activities.

The policies outlined above will be conveyed to all executive officers and employees who are involved in Toyo Construction’s business activities.

April 1, 2017

Kyoji Takezawa


Toyo Construction